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Квартирный вопрос
Журнал 'Всемирный Следопыт'

About Us - is the first-aid for every traveller in choosing the route and the place for rest.
Journeys and tours, trips and voyages through Russia and abroad, comfortable mini-hotels, private hotels and apartments for short-term rent - are all at your service.
At our web-site, you can find and plan your buisiness tour or an entertaining journey, an individual tour for the whole family or an extreme special trip, travel to the countryside unchanged from the times of old or delve into the wilderness.
The most interesting discoveries of touring companies, elaborations of team-building companies, health-centres, mountain-skiing reserts, hunting or fish industries are all at your disposal.
You don’t need to search any special place to rent a car or a water-vessel (whether it’s a motor-boat or a yacht) - just click the appropriate link at!
Besides, we are ready to help in ordering air- or railway tickets - check out the straight links to aircraft and railway ticket offices.
We considered it convenient that you can get all this information from one place in the Web.
Don’t waste your time in search-engines.
Save your time planning your journey!
Have a nice trip and a good company!
Sincerely Yours, Team
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