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“Pelican” recreation center 
“Pelican” recreation center
“Pelican” recreation center is located 40 km below the city of Astrakhan’, in the village of Ivanchug of the Kamyziakskiy district in the shade of branchy trees on Gandurinskiy bank. Fully equipped cozy cottages are always at your disposition. Lovers of active recreation are invited with their families! Our purpose is not just an organization of fishing but the creation of conditions when a person being united with nature acquires supply of high spirit, health and complete comprehension of his role in conservation of this beauty. Family rest + fishing = that’s nice! 
Village of Ivanchug, Kamyziakskiy district, Astrakhan’ region
Phone in Astrakhan:
8 8514 59 60 00
8 927 660 22 64
In Moscow:
8 495 213 08 95
8 926 213 08 95 
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Fishing center “Verkhnaya Rybinka” 
Fishing center “Verkhnaya Rybinka”
Fishing center “Verkhnaya Rybinka” is located in the picturesque scenery on the shore of the Rybinsk Reservoir. The second largest water reservoir in Europe, it boasts the abundance of small islands, channels and bays, which makes it ideal place for fishing all the year round. Accommodation in comfortable and cozy cottages in the pine forest on the bank of Rybinka. 
Tcherepovets district, Vichelovo village
162614, Tcherepovets, 29 Lunacharskogo pr.
+7 (8202) 55-15-13 
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Fishing tours on Karelian lakes. Fascinating boat trips. 
185013, 25 Pogranitchnaya str, Petrozavodsk, Karelia, Russia
+7 (960) 211-11-70
+7 (906) 206-98-52 
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"Serebro Ponoya" commpany 
"Serebro Ponoya" commpany offers unforgettable fishing on Ponoi river - one of the best world rivers for fishing. It's the largest river of Kolsky peninsula that lasts for more then 426 km, wide, with changeable temper. Ponoya allows you to fish in different ways and distinguish with it's long fishing season. 
183010, Russia, Murmansk, Oktyabrskaya street, 28, office 3
+7 (8152) 45 11 16
+7 (8152) 42 45 45 
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Recreation center “Zeleniy Bereg” 
The recreation camp “Zeleniy Bereg” (The Green Bank) features comfortable houses with all modern improvements including split system, satellite television, bathroom with shower booth.
The camp has a huntsman service and a motor boat fleet. The territory of the camp is secured round-the-clock. 
Astrakhan, 56 Akademika Koroleva Street
8 (8512) 25 08 87
8 (8512) 54 73 00
8 (917) 193 20 92
8 (909) 375 63 67 
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“Putina” is a high-class holiday camp. It is located 150 km from Astrakhan. Camp offers comfortable French country styled cottages. Hunting and fishing in Volga area. 
Camp address:
125851, Zavilgskoe village, Khabarlinsky area, Astrakhan region.
Moscow office:
111250, 9 Krasnokazarmennaya Str, Moscow.
(495) 979-86-83
(495) 991-09-31 
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"U Ivanycha" 
Summer and winter fishing tours at Baikal region. The guest house “U Ivanycha” is situated near 500 km from Irkutsk and 160 km from Ulan-Ude. Accommodation in comfortable guest-house or in a camp. 
5 Zviozdny per, Sukhaya village, Kabansky area, Buriatia, Russia.
+7 (30138) 95497
+7 (914) 9379024
+7 (914) 9372027 
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"Globus" Club 
Fishing tourism at Kamchatka region. Waterfowling tours. Special offer - “Rainbow trout tour” - the adventure on Kamchatka rivers. 
+7 (415-22) 5-85-48
+7 (415-2) 44-55-02 
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